About Us

Founded in 2020 by Syed Abdul Wasay, TactonBiotic has come a long way from its humble beginnings, We started off as a self-funded project out of the founder’s single bedroom to a much larger company. Since then, we have won many national and international awards, receive appreciation from the community and got featured in several newspapers and TV channels. The journey is far from over and we will continue to grow with a vision of bringing technological revolution for a better future.

Our vision of advanced AGI robots accumulated with advanced tools and technologies will be proven to be highly effective and efficient for humans in a multitude of circumstances and environments. Over the last decade, we’ve seen rapid growth in AI, Robotics, and their use in automating businesses. These trends are set to accelerate and will set off a new era of transformation.

Imagine if you were able to accelerate efficiency, productivity, and human capabilities with low cost and minimum efforts. We’ll actually be able to deliver this as soon as we established the foundation incorporating the core team with vision and strategy to transform the imagination into a revolutionary future.

Once this is possible, our addressable market suddenly opens up from heavy industries to the general consumer market.

Eventually, we can eliminate the problems that were restricting ourselves from evolving into a much better beings. And that’s a vision we believe is worth fighting for.


At TactonBiotic, we take a pragmatic and systematic approach to the design and development of complex robotic systems. Our team comprises of computer scientists, roboticists and business development always ensure to deliver what is best for our customers. We love to solve problems and make innovative ideas a reality.

Robot Design

that could accumulate advance technology modules.

Advance Inverse Kinematics

with proper algebraic constraints.

Motion Planning

with advance control.

Perception and Mapping

to navigate in its surroundings.

Robot User Interface

for control and navigation.

Simulation/Virtual Reality

to view from the robot perspective.

Wireless Navigation

supports desktop and mobile navigation via wifi.

Real-time Vision Based sensing

for better navigation.

Navigation and Control

with advance sensing capabilities.


NEO'20 Award

Microsoft ImagineCup'20

CodinGuru 2.0


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