TactonBiotic AI

Teleoperation Desktop Application.

Remote Survey and Inspection

The Teleoperation Software Package is a hardware and software kit that enables live camera and other sensor data feeds to a local or remote operator. The kit provides a best in class sensor suite, and is designed to easily integrate with TactonBiotic Hexatron.

Designed for research and application development, the Teleoperation package provides a low barrier to entry for your team’s transition into remote survey and inspection.

Software Features
  • Wide Angle Navigation Camera
  • Long Range Communication Station
  • Operator Control Unit
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
  • End effector mounted workspace camera
  • Software for remote control and camera feeds via workstation

Mobile VR Application.

Remote Hexatron View in Virtual Reality

The application allows user to see what robot see in virtual reality and helps users to become immersed in a robot’s surroundings despite being miles away physically.

The application connects a robot as well as its onboard cameras and sensors to off-the-shelf virtual reality hardware via the internet.

Using teleoperational desktop application, user can control the position of the robot to perform intricate manipulation tasks just by moving their own arms. Users can step into the robot’s metal skin and get a first-person view of the environment, or can walk around the robot to survey the scene in the third person—whichever is easier for accomplishing the task at hand.

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