About Us

Founded by Syed Abdul Wasay. At TactonBiotic, We build and design robots accumulated with advance technologies to assist humans in wide array of applications. We’r obsessively passionate about building robots and help humans. We are best known for developing “Hexatron”, a six legged mechanical robot that replicates the motion of an actual insect and possess great dexterity, durability, flexibility, and agility. We started off as a small project. Since then, we have grown into a much larger company and won many national and international awards.


At TactonBiotic, we take a pragmatic and systematic approach to the design and development of complex robotic systems. Our team of experts ensures safety, efficiency, and quality and passionately build robots for the greater good. We love to solve problem and make innovative ideas a reality.

Robot Design

that could accumulate advance technology modules.

Advance Inverse Kinematics

with proper algebraic constraints.

Motion Planning

with advance control.

Perception and Mapping

to navigate in its surroundings.

Robot User Interface

for control and navigation.

Simulation/Virtual Reality

to view from the robot perspective.

Wireless Navigation

supports desktop and mobile navigation via wifi.

Real-time Vision Based sensing

for better navigation.

Navigation and Control

with advance sensing capabilities.


Tehmina Javaid (C.O.O)
Syed Abdul Wasay (C.E.O)
Moiz Ashfaque (C.T.O)


NEO'20 Award

Given by GIKI for the best project in Software Exhibition

Microsoft ImagineCup

Award for the best project in IOT and Artificial Intelligence Category.

CodinGuru 2.0

Winner of Software Project Exhibition for the best project in Software category.


Certificate of excellence given by Comsats University for the best project in Hardware Category.