About Hexatron

Hexatron is a nature inspired six-legged robot that can replicate the motion of an actual orthopod. It has the ability to reach places which are unreachable or hostile for humans and perform tasks easily. Its fault-tolerance capability made him incomparable to other robots.




Hexatron can go where wheeled robots cannot, while carrying payloads with endurance far away. The Hexatron is a robot that that walks on six legs. Since a robot can be statically stable on three or more legs, a Hexatron robot has a great deal of flexibility in how it can move. If legs become disabled, the robot may still be able to walk. Furthermore, not all of the robot’s legs are needed for stability; other legs are free to reach new foot placements or manipulate a payload.

Battery: Swappable.

RunTime: 20 min.


Hexatron is equipped with camera and artificial intelligence to detect objects and keep user update about the surroundings. The user also has an option to view from the Hexatron perspective via the VR-Headset.

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Capture Images

Artificial Intelligence.

VR Enabled

Object Detection.


Hexatron is built with light aluminum to withstand rigid and harsh environment. Hexatron can withstand payload capacity 2x time of its own weight.

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Built Material: 2mm Light Aluminium.

Operating Temperature: -5°C to 45°C.

Object Detection.


Hexatron flexible body enables third parties to increase its capabilities using third partly sensors and other functional modules, plus accessible API enable third parties to develop the next generation of robotic applications.

Support Other Functional Modules Like Robotic Arm

Supports Additional 6 servos.

Sensor Support: Upto 30 Sensors.


External Modules Support

Hexatron has the capability to support external third partly modules like robotic arm and gripper etc.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in Hexatron for better surrounding analysis.

Virtual Reality

User can view from the Hexatron perspective in the VR-Headset.

Fault Tolerance

Hexatron has the fault tolerance capability, it will not stop moving even if it lost 1 or 2 legs.

Sensor Support

Hexatron can support upto 30 sensors, ranging from fire sensor to ultra-sonic sensor etc.

Object Detection and 18 DOF

Hexatron has 18 degree of freedom and object detection capabilities.



Use the vision system of Hexatron to remotely inspect facilities and improve awareness of plant operations in multiple industries.

Research and Education

Researcher can use Hexatron to test their hypothesis, student can use Hexatron for education purposes.

Civil Defense

Get eyes on dangerous situations by navigating Hexatron from afar.


With Hexatron Explore places which are unreachable for humans and perform remote sensing operations.

Disaster Management

Hexatron can become part of disaster management team to fidn the cause of disaster or for remote operations..


Program dynamic movements and expressive poses through the API.